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The picture you see above is floating around the Internet. In it Danny Brown is sporting a new set of pearly whites. He's even grinning ear to ear. Well, he does that all the time, but he's clearly more confident now that he has a full grill again. Except the photo isn't real.

The original image was photoshopped a year ago by a Tumblr member named Cushtilla. Another Tumblr account with a Pitchfork-esqued theme recently used the photo for their own purposes. They created a backstory that Danny Brown got his front tooth fixed courtesy of KFC, who paid for it when they found out the Detroit MC lost it in one of their parking lots. Cool story, right? Wrong, because this Tumblr is in no way associated with Pitchfork Media Inc.

Now other outlets like AllHipHop and Vibe are reporting this information to be true. Moral of the story? The Internet stays winning.

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