It seems like only nine days ago that Keith Cozart, better known as the rapper Chief Keef, was headed off to serve a 20-day sentence for violating probation by failing a random drug test. In fact, it was. Today, Keef was released from Cook County jail in Illinois after earning time off for good behavior, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Sophia Ansari, a spokeswoman for the Cook County Sheriff's office, told the newspaper that inmates arrested on non-violent offenses can get a day for day sentence reduction for behaving well in jail. Keef was given a day of credit for the day he was taken into custody and served nine days after turning himself in on October 15. He was jailed for violating probation from a speeding ticket earlier this summer: After being clocked driving 110 mph, he was fined $531 and given 18 months of probation with random drug testing.

Keef, who recently released the mixtape Almighty So, shared news of his release on Instagram, subtitled "Almigh":

[via Chicago Tribune]

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