We were first introduced to 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper Dillon Cooper with his video for “State of Elevation.” As far as first impressions go, it was a damned good one, we compared him to a cross between Chance The Rapper and Joey Bada$$. It was so good that we immediately checked out his debut mixtape, Cozmik. Our curiosity was again rewarded. The mixtape is a 17 song monster, which features Cooper flexing his venerable lyrical skill. There’s talk of teenage love gone wrong on his excellent spin of “Ms. Jackson,” menacing raps done right on “Kung Fu,” and the palpable likeableness of “State of Elevation.”

But don't get the wrong impression. Cooper isn't just some '90s gear wearing kid running around New York doing throwback raps. While the music and accompanying videos are representative of who he is—Dillon is from New York, was born in the '90s, and both of those things influence his music—they don’t paint the whole picture.

A few months removed from Cozmik’s release, we wanted to know the rest of Cooper’s story. So we had him swing by the office to get to know him better. We talked to us about his serious guitar playing background, what made him want to start rapping, and his relationship with fellow up and coming Brooklyn MCs. Find out, Who Is Dillon Cooper?

As told to by Max Goldberg (@goopygold) 

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