With everything going on with the cancellation of the third say of this year's Electirc Zoo festival, it feels like the people we're not hearing from are the DJs and producers within the EDM scene. We have a few thoughts about why: Maybe some of our favorite entertainers don't want to seem "square" or possibly alienate a portion of their fanbase by expressing their views on the issues of drugs? Whatever the case may be, many are calling for the artists and DJs to take a stance and let the world know their thoughts, so we can attempt to move forward. One such artists who has no problems speaking his mind is Tommie Sunshine. He's already expressed his opinions on today's tragic news, and went a step further by asking for transparency amongst his peers, but first he decided to post his tour rider "for all to see":

My gig rider. for all to see. http://t.co/09AOx9mxwK

— Tommie Sunshine (@tommiesunshine) September 2, 2013

Compared to the tour riders we've seen, Tommie's might contain some of the tamest requests ever. Comps, dinner or money for a meal, Evian water, and a clean room. Many DJs like to indulge (or overindulge), so it's great to see a stand-up act like Tommie prove time and again that he's truly about the music over the celebrity. Kudos.