Today The Weeknd's album Kiss Land hits in stores. It isn't getting the best reviews, and to be honest, we a re a little disappointed. But hey, that stunning trifecta of 2011 mixtapes, House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence made for a some awfully heavy expectations. Some of the new stuff is great, like the dark, lustful "Belong To The World." But as music fiends, as all-week-long Weeknd fans, we're never satisfied. We want more and more.

One of the reasons Weeknd, a.k.a. Abel Tesfaye, became such a big deal when he first came out was because he was a shot in the arm for R&B, a genre that become fairly stagnant. In March 2011 when he dropped House of Balloons (just a month after Frank Ocean dropped Nostalgia, ULTRA) it was unlike anything we had heard. Not that his sound doesn't have its predecessors, but it was a new, very-21st-century thing.

So for the Weeknd fan hungry for more, this presents a challenge. Where else can we find our fix?

When we talked to the man himself, during his first ever interview for our recent cover story, he told us about his love for stars like Michael Jackson, Prince, and R. Kelly. But everyone knows those guys are awesome. And rather than suggest names like Frank Ocean, Drake, and Miguel, all of whom you've also no doubt heard already, we decided to dig just a tad bit deeper. Here's 10 Artists You Should Listen to If You Like The Weeknd.

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