If the title of this EP and it’s cover art isn’t indicative of what you’re about to hear, I don’t know what to tell you. This is not for the faint of heart, this is for those seeking heavy, crazy, “I want to break shit” music to soothe the bat-shit crazy soul. "The Marching Song" by Seek n Destroy (aka Christopher Thornett of Adelaide, Australia) reminds me of Proxy. This song brings heavy bass & heavy kick drums, crazy synths, blaring horns that make you feel like you’re in the midst of an apocalyptic war watching an army get ready to break the faces of their opposition. Don’t let the heaviness sway you, this song comes in a quite danceable package, making it enjoyable for everyone, even those who don’t fancy an apocalyptic war.

The Marching Song EP not only gives you this amazing rage-inducing track, but it comes with two remixes by the likes of Ivarr, of Orlando, FL, and Botnek, a duo from Montreal, Canada. Ivarr continues the trend of heaviness with his remix, bringing brutal and aggressive sounds that literally made my jaw drop especially on the second drop. What I love about this remix is in spite of how brutal it sounds, the hi-hats he added and the consistent heavy kick drum make it easy to dance to.

Botnek’s take on "The Marching Song" brings an electro/techno flair that is hypnotic, dance-inducing, and super dynamic from beginning to end. It’s definitely one of those songs you have on repeat and every time you listen to it something else stands out to you that you didn’t notice the first 50 times you played it.

This EP featuring producers from across the globe brings in your dose of heavy, perfectly blended with satiating your desire to dance, and it’s out on Beatport today through Shabang Records, so snag a copy and thank me later.