Armin Van Buuren might be the #1 DJ in the world and he might be synonymous with trance now, but UK DJ Paul Oakenfold is ready to remind everyone he was the original pioneer with the announcement of his Trance Mission. No it's not some PSA, but the name of Oakenfold's new album and tour. The album won't be a batch of new originals either, but rather a collection of modern reworks of Paul's all-time favorite trance tracks.

Although the album is not done, Oakenfold has linked up with "a team of seasoned trancers and producers" to make the album. Oakenfold explained to Billboard that the tracks should be thought of as covers, not remixes. “I don’t think people are crying out to hear another remix of a trance classic. I have no intention of doing that and that doesn’t inspire me. I’m going to bring totally new production and new sounds and current technology rather than just going and taking an old track and remixing it.”

Citing copycatism concerns in the current scene ("everyone's playing the same tracks") and comparing it to trance's heydey, Oakenfold added that covers provide a better opportunity for originality, taking Michael Bublé as his example. “He takes classic Frank Sinatra, puts a twist to it, and the younger generation buys into it and they love it. I’m not comparing myself to Michael Bublé, I’m comparing the way you approach it. That’s the key to making something work. That’s the key behind the tour.”  The album currently has no release date.

The tour, which kicks off at the end of October, will feature a stripped down production and take place at smaller venues, a la Kaskade's Redux tour.

Trance Mission Tour Dates
10/26/13 - Ruby Skye, San Francisco CA
10/31/13 - The Catalyst, Santa Cruz CA
11/1/13 - Rialto Theater, Tucson AZ
11/2/13 - Avalon, Hollywood CA
11/7/13 - Beta, Denver CO
11/8/13 - Voyeur, San Diego CA
11/9/13 - HHH Festival, Mexico City MX
11/15/13 - Gossip, Vancouver BC
11/16/13 - SET Nightclub, Edmonton AB
11/21/11 - Whisper, Philadelphia PA
11/22/13 - Elekctricity, Pontiac MI
11/23/13 - The MID, Chicago IL
11/24/13 - Cielo, New York NY
12/13/13 - Phoenix, Charlotte NC
12/14/13 - Gryphon, Hollywood FL
12/19/13 - Bear Booth Theater, Anchorage AK
12/21/13 - Foundation Room, Seattle WA