Today is a sad day for hip-hop, particularly in New York City, as legendary DJ Mister Cee has resigned from his position at Hot 97. Cee volunteered his resignation, against the wishes of program director Ebro Darden, because, he said, he didn't want the radio station to have deal with his personal problems. He has been arrested twice in the past two years for soliciting male prostitutes, triggering a lot of scandal, and this morning, a recording emerged that allegedly captures Cee with a transvestite prostitute. "I don't want to put this station through more than what they've been through," he said.

For the past 20 years, Mister Cee has hosted the Throwback at Noon on Hot 97. The show became a regular feature of New York City culture (and an oasis of classic music in Hot 97's desert of relentless top 40 shilling), the kind of thing the tri-state area set their lunchtime clocks to. 

Cee's resignation sucks. Because you can't help but think that if it was female prostitutes that he had a penchant for picking up, we wouldn't know about it. Hearing a person in such obvious pain as he was in today broke our hearts. We wish he didn't feel the need to resign, we wish he could go on throwing us back into a hip-hop reverie everyday at noon for years to come. So to remind everybody what's really important here, what we're losing for a stupid reason, we made a list of some of the important things Mister Cee has done for rap music over the years. Here are 8 Great Things We Should All Thank Mister Cee For.    

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