Miley Cyrus covers the latest issue of Rolling Stone which was released today. In the cover story penned by Josh Eells, Miley invites RS into her Toluca Lake home where she details her friendships with Pharrell, Lil Kim, Kanye West and more. She also discusses her VMA performance and the backlash she received from the press.

During the interview, Miley received a text from Pharrell, who she has been working with on her forthcoming album Bangerz, after the VMAs. Part of the text reads, "The VMAs was nothing more than God or the Universe showing you how powerful anything you do is...It's like uranium—it has the power to take over lives or power entire countries. Now that you've seen your power, master it...You're not a train wreck. You're the train pulling everyone else along."

Miley received another text from Lil' Kim, which she read out loud to Eells: "My little pumpkin, I just had to tell you you're so fucking smart. I love you and all the press you are getting. Sad I didn't run into you at the VMAs. Keep killing it, boo." 

But Miley's not letting any of the backlash from the VMAs bother her, and that's partially because Kanye West visited her dressing room pre-performance and told her, "There are not a lot of artists I believe in more than you right now." Miley said she just kept repeating that "over and over" in her mind and it made her less nervous.

Post-VMAs, Miley hit the studio with Kanye to record the remix for "Black Skinhead" off Yeezus. She talked about a text he sent her the next day that read, "I still can't quit thinking about your performance." He also bought her five pairs of fur Céline slippers after the ones she owned fell apart. "Kanye is the shit," she told RS. "I kind of have a good relationship with him now. It's good to have someone you can call and be like, 'Yo, do you think I should wear this?' 'Do you think I should go in the studio with this guy?' 'Do you think this is cool?' That's what homies are supposed to do."

Miley and her homies, man. Bangerz is out on Oct. 4.

[via RollingStone]

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