Produced by: Teddy

G-Dragon: “I would describe the genre as dubstep. The raps, the sound, the music are all made in a way that dudes would like it. Personally, I really like Lydia’s song and voice on it.” 

Teddy: “The beat right before the bridge, up to the second hook, I did that section in one day. Whenever I have a big hook I’ll just tell Lydia to sing it. And Choice happened to be there, too. So Choice wrote the English lyrics.”

Lydia Paek: “I did not pen the hook myself, but when we’re in the studio, I feel like we catch the vibe. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like you’re giving and taking ideas from each other and flowing with that creative wave continuously. It’s inspiring even if I’m just sitting in the studio observing how he works.”

Teddy:  “When our boss [YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk] heard it, he thought that song could be so much bigger in Korea if the hook was in Korean. So we tried several times to get it. I wrote a Korean version to the hook, and had many different artists record it. But when we did the hook in Korean, the words just didn’t feel right. It sounded awkward. Plus, GD was so set about Lydia we decided to go with her.”

Lydia Paek: It’s truly a blessing and a huge honor to be on the official album. I mean have you looked at who’s featured and worked on this album? And to be a part of that list, wow! It's an amazing and humbling feeling.”