Produced by: Boys Noize

G-Dragon: “Boys Noize was recently in Seoul. We decided to work on some music together, and knocked out the record in one day. The track to me has a Motown feel. [Boys Noize] said he had it with him for a long time, but we just decided to go with it because it’s different from other music that’s out now. And Zion.T’s a rookie. I first heard him on “See Through,” and have been interested in working with him since. I thought he’d be perfect for the record, so I reached out, and he happily accepted my invitation.

Boys Noize: “I’ve worked with G-Dragon a few times in the studio. To see how talented he is offstage is just incredible. He has a great sense for new music and how to change it. He locks himself up for a few hours and comes back with a full song written by himself and he records it right away. G-Dragon is one of the most talented artists and performers I’ve ever met and he’s such a cool MF...!”