Deep down, we all know it. Every few years, Punxsutawney Dre pokes his head out of the studio, thinks about finally letting the world hear what he's been working on all this time, sees his shadow, and thinks better of it. Last time that happened, we got closer than ever to an honest release date, with two Top 40 singles. But "Kush" was a rehash of past glories, complete with a fake Nate Dogg hook, and "I Need A Doctor" was a depressing pop crossover with a Skylar Gray hook and Eminem all but taking over the record to beg Dre to put out the album.

The album Dr. Dre would've released in 2011 would've been a crushing, Chinese Democracy-level disappointment. And while you can tell yourself that Kendrick wrote some incredible verses for it, we're better off just getting those on Kendrick's next album. Let Detox live on in our imaginations.