Have you ever done a Google search and poked around at the world of raving sober? You're either going to find (small) organizations that are patting on the back those out there who love dance music but don't particularly drop pills to get their dance on, or you're going to see forums pondering why someone would even put the words "rave" and "sober" together. And we wonder why the media has a field day when a raver OD's. We can't expect the corporate factions to put a good face on the EDM scene, as they're just looking to put some good-faced bills in their pockets. And DAD is not going to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't be doing; we can only point you down a few paths and hope you make solid decisions with what you're putting your body through, and what you're throwing into your earholes.

After saying all of that, however, we do realize that there is a need to rave without drugs. Maybe you're a first-timer who wants to get a proper understanding of what goes down at a rave or festival. Maybe you're allergic to drugs. Maybe you're broke. Maybe you're straight-edge and love EDM. Whatever your maybe may be, there is definitely room to have a shitload of fun at a rave without the use of molly or any other substances... right? Here is a quick guide to some fun activities and diversions you can partake of without dropping a pill.