WAAAAAAAAVE RAAAAAAAACER!!!! Seriously, I love this guy's music and every time he drops something I have to run to my keyboard to write something. There have been times I've even pulled out my iPhone 4 (don't hate, gotta wait for the update!) and written an entire post as I ran out of the house late to something.

If Rustie's brand of avant-garde bass music is a little too maximalist and tough to handle, Wave Racer, born Thomas Purcell and also 1/2 of Pablo J & The Lobsterettes, is the guy for you. The Sydney-based, Future Classic-signed musician has made waves (I can't help the puns), with his particularly melodic brand of bass music. This time he's turned a remix of Cosmo's Midnight's "The Dofflin," a single included Australian outlet Stoney Roads' debut compilation.

I could really go into depth about this track but I'll just explain how I feel with this video:

Now you need to hear this track and grab the free download.  Don't get lost in his wake when he blows up.