Mississippi rapper Big Sant broke out of the shadow of frequent collaborator Big K.R.I.T. with last year's mixtape MFxOG, but it was a song produced by K.R.I.T. that made some of the most noise on the tape. "2 Much" has a massive beat and a great lyrical conceit à la "22 Twos," in that there are almost too many great lines about the number two or the word "too," like "I gave you two chances/get your mind right dammit."

Now we get take two, off of Sant's second project, featuring two rappers from the second biggest city in Texas. Houston's DeLorean and Killa Kyleon both hop on the remix to give their own two cents, such as DeLo's great observation that "I'm too cool to argue wit'/You say my name too much that's a compliment." It's almost too good.

Along with the song, Big Sant also shared some details on his second project, The Great American Mattress Sale, which naturally is coming out on 10/22. Don't get too complacent. You know what to do.

Check out "2 Much (Remix)" below:

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