E-V is one of those names that you may not know, but should. If you're a fan of Mike Posner or MGK, you should definitely know of him, as he's DJ'd for both of them in both touring and mixtape capacities. Speaking of touring, he's done three world tours in Europe, and has been up and down the US and Mexico this year. Add the numerous DJ awards he's won in Cleveland, for his mixtapes, and other accolades over the last four years, and he's definitely a name you should keep your ears tuned to. Killah Kalam is no slouch either, having produced tracks that have featured the likes of Future, and has been working on a number of styles, including a heavy dose of dance tracks.

Seeing as Labor Day Weekend is underway, DAD figured you needed one massive twerk beast to get the festivities kicked off with. E-V, along with Killah Kalam, are putting out their Time Bandit EP in the near future, and "I Wanna See That" is all 808s and declarations of, well, wanting to see that ass twerk. And pop. And shake. You know the score, and should do what they implore.