Last night, the Roc was in the building at King and Grove in Williamsburg (So hipster!) What started out as just another birthday party for Def Jam's Chaka Pilgrim turned into a night that will go down in hip-hop history.

We weren't there, but with Jay Z, Jay's mom Gloria Carter, Fabolous, J. Cole, Beyoncé, and Solange in attendance, it looked like a lot of fun. Then Dame Dash rolled up. We imagine there were gasps. Had Jay and Dame been in the same room since their famous falling out in 2005 broke up the original empire?

The two photos above shocked the Internet. Jay and Dame talking, sharing a laugh or two, and acting like friends again? Thanks to Dame's Instagram, we couldn't help but come up with a few ideas.

So, here's what we think Jay Z and Dame Dash were talking about last night, in memes of course.

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