The duo known as Plastik Funk have been at it for the last decade, dropping a slew of tracks on a number of fine imprints, including the legendary Ministry of Sound. They represent Germany, although they are originally from Madri (Rafael) and Tokyo (Mikio), and came to the worldwide conscious in 2011 with their remix of C&C Music Factory's "Everybody Dance Now." This reinvigorated their career, although it was the massive "Who" (with Tujamo) that blew up over the beginning of 2013, including being one of the major anthems during 2013's Miami Music Week.

For their edition of Five Tracks, the duo put together five tracks that could help you build a Plastik Funk set. Obviously "Who" is there, but you have a number of anthems and bangers that you'd expect to hear on one helluva house journey. Get prepared to be blown away by Plastik Funk's Five Tracks.