If you've learned anything in 2013, we hope that you've learned that the underground truly never dies. Sounds that captivated us years ago don't go away, they just return with shiny new coats, get heralded by those who weren't there the first time around, and end up making way for proper new innovations. Think about what happened with Disclosure.

All of that said, 2013 was definitely the year that the collective dance music audience realized that it was OK to vibe to uplifting, bass-fueled house music. House has been here since the dawn of dance music, but if you ask someone who only follows mainstream EDM, you happen upon a skewed idea of what house is. You need that soul, be it with the proper bassline, awesome hand claps, or the perfect edit on vocals. Or you can just listen to Dusky's "Careless," the title track from their forthcoming AUS EP, and have all of those bits in one package. So emotional, so moving, so impressive, this exceeds expectations without expecting anything from you but two working feet... This can be yours on September 23.

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