2 Chainz' tour bus was stopped for suspicion of drugs last night in Oklahoma City.

According to TMZ, the police initially pulled the bus over for a broken taillight and noticed signs of drug use on the vehicle. Before entering the bus, the driver locked them out and insisted they obtain a warrant first. After obtaining the warrant, police arrested 11 passengers, including Chainz. They have since released the 35-year-old rapper, but seven of the individuals could be facing misdemeanor charges for interfering with official process.

2 Chainz was arrested earlier this year in June for possession of marijuana. Despite this setback, he is still on schedule to perform at this year's Video Music Awards.

UPDATE: 2 Chainz has responded to the recent incident in Oklahoma City on Twitter, explaining there were no drugs found on the tour bus by police. Chainz also confirms he will still be performing at this year's VMAs, as he states, "NYC I'm on the way."

[via TMZ & NewsOn6]

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