With the rise of trap within EDM over the last year, we've seen some interesting developments and figures ascend through the ranks, many who without trap would probably not have a seat at the table. Guys like Carnage and Baauer were relative unknowns before the trap phenomenon, and have been two of the more talked about names over the last year. Someone like araabMUZIK, however, was already known before entering this next phase due to his extensive work with Cam'ron and the Diplomats (among other hip-hop acts), but his experimentation with the MPC and sampling dance music turned into this wildly unique lane for him, where he creates (and re-creates) a number of different EDM styles live with the MPC. And even though he puts out new material (including his Ultra Music release, The Remixes, Vol. 1), the best way to experience his work is in a live setting, just araabMUZIK and his MPC.

While he maintains his hip-hop aesthetic, the dubstep and trance source material and undertones in his EDM output cannot be dismissed, and over the last few years, he's come alive during his live shows, showcasing not only how quick and nimble he is at knocking out beats live, but at how he can manipulate music from the likes of Skrillex, Baauer, and Flux Pavilion with his knack for live remixing. His work has been committed to video over the years, but these are our favorites featuring his EDM zone.