It has now been over a year since Lil Phat was murdered, but more details continue to emerge from the investigation into his death. A possible motive has emerged, and it makes the already bizarre situation even weirder.

Prosecutors believe that Lil Phat had stolen marijuana from two of the suspects in the case, former Division II college basketball star Decensae White and rapper Eldorado Red. The two, apparently wanting revenge for the theft, allegedly hired Deandre Washington and Maurice Connor to kill Phat for $10,000. To aid Washington and Connor in finding Phat, Russian mobster Mani Chulpayev rented the slain Louisiana rapper a vehicle which was equipped with a GPS tracking system. Phat was then shot and killed in the parking lot of a North Atlanta hospital as he waited for his child to be born.

So far, all five men maintain their innocence in the case. Chulpayev claims that he is merely business partners with White, which is a bit suspicious in its own right. While White has been released on bail, the other four remain jailed pending trial.

[via XXL]

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