Producer: Pharrell Williams

Samples: N/A

Length of song: 3:12

Number of verses: 2

Pop culture references: Gianni Versace, Pharrell, EPMD, Ma$e, Rakim & Eric. B, Britney Spears

Number of art references: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Rich guy talk: Hermes, Bally Shoes, Gucci Sneakers, Maybach, Cherry M3, MCM, Versace Plates

Locations mentioned: Nas: Giza, Ibiza, the Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Hermes...Jay-Z: Madison Square Garden

Flows he bites: Ma$e's "Feel So Good" with the lines, "What you know about going out, head west/Maybach, 3 TV's all up in the headrest/Mase niggas at Madison Square Garden."

Sounds like: Picture it: the first day of summer. It's a barbecue and the heat causes each Corona to sweat. The Patron and RedBull have given the proceedings a nervous energy. Timbaland sits at the piano and starts plinking away. Swizz begins banging together trash can lids. Pharrell hits his silverware against empty Michelob bottles. Everyone starts chanting along with the hook. Nas raps a little. Jay-Z raps a little. Inside the house, Rick Rubin is asleep on the couch.