Drull is a trio from Philadelphia that we know very little about.  This single landed in my lap without a bio or much of an explanation, but their music makes up for their lack of words and marketing.  "Star Boy" is nothing short of incredible, turning a synth into a repetitive crashing wave.  The sequencing for this tune just made me smile.  It's genius level, and was executed by a group that just broke 500 followers on SoundCloud.

This is from a two-track EP that came out a couple of weeks ago from a group that only has one additional record out.  These artists and tunes excite me more than most because I have no idea where their inspiration will lead them, or how their content will shape itself over the coming years.  All I know is these relative unknowns have blown my mind with two tunes.  You can download this release from Drull for free via Bandcamp:

If it fits your fancy,  feel free to also check trippy visuals assigned to "Star Boy" below.  It's nothing more than digital fireworks in 3 different colors for 3 and a half minutes, but somehow seems to make complete sense.  Vibe out.