Album: Life After Death
Producer: Buck Wild, Chucky Thompson, & Sean Combs
Label: Bad Boy Records

The Notorious B.I.G. was one of the greatest lyricists ever to touch a mic, and his gripping narratives often played out like movies for the eardrums. Of all the bleak story songs in Biggie's short canon, "I Got a Story to Tell" might be the funniest. Big gets involved in a sexual relationship with a woman who turns out be dating one of the New York Knicks. He's over at her place one night doing the dirty when her man unexpectedly comes home. The girl panics, but Big is cold as ice threatening to murk dude if things get out of hand. In the clutch Big devises a plan: tie the girl up and play it off like a robbery. It works, and Big makes off with a Prada bag full of racks and a car, only to run the story back for his friends-to everyone's amazement and delight, including the listerner's. You have to wonder if R. Kelly got the idea for "Trapped in the Closet" from this one.