It feels like it's been forever since we heard their Amsterdam Trap Music EP, so anytime Yellow Claw is mentioned, we're immediately intrigued. They hit Diplo & Friends off with a stellar mix, which is dominated mostly by their own original production and remixes. Twenty additional points go to them for actually taking the time to give words on why each track they dropped was included. You just don't get this kind of service on the regular. Friday afternoon turn up.



1. Crystal Fighters - You & I (Yellow Claw Remix)

We were surprised when Crystal Fighters asked us for a remix and this is what came out of it.
A track we would advise you to play in a slowly driving and slightly to expensive automobile.

2. Dirtcaps - Hands Up (Yellow Claw Remix)

Shout out to Dirtcaps, they are ugly but we love 'em.

3. Yellow Claw - 4 In The Morning (Original Mix) (Jeffrees/Mad Decent)

This has been the second song in our set for half a year know.
On the road in our Mazdarati we like to replace the letter 4 by the word dick.
And then we laugh. For hours.

4. Yellow Claw & Yung Felix - Somebody That I Used To Know (Bootleg)

First collab with Yung Felix. A cool guy and a great producer who is singing nowadays as well.

5. Yellow Claw & Yung Felix - The Horror (Original Mix) (Unsigned)

This was a bit of an experiment where we tried to get into a dark Apocalypse Nowish jungle sound.

6. Yellow Claw - Kaolo (Original Mix) (Jeffrees/Mad Decent)

Firestarter track which we would love if it wasn't our own. Somehow got into a Mexico Tour Video by Skrillex which gave it a second boost lately. If you are a DJ; spin it or die by getting stabbed with a rusty old spoon.

7. TNGHT - Acrylics (Original Mix)

These fucking guys.

8. Yellow Claw - W.O.L.F. (Jeffrees/Mad Decent)

This track was born on the same day as Jim's son who is called Wolf(gang) as well.

9. Yellow Claw & Flosstradamus - PiLLZ (Demo)

We played at a festival in Amsterdam with gamechangers Flosstradamus and went in our studio for two days straigth from there.
This is the first of two tracks made there who will be out somewhere and somehow soon.

10. Yellow Claw & Yung Felix - Get It Right (Unsigned)

New shit with Felix.

11. TNGHT - Higher Ground (Original Mix)

This track just had to be in here.

12. Yellow Claw - Shotgun Ft. Rochelle (Demo)

We will finish this track up this month and release it with a video september first.
Still looking for a rapper to jump on it, for now we just illegally used these awesome bars by Riff Raff.

13. Major Lazer - Jah No Partial (Yellow Claw & Yung Felix Remix)

This track has had so much support by some of our heroes. Insane.

14. Yellow Claw - Kaolo Part 2 (Demo)

There had to be a part 2. In this one Marty goes to the future and meets his kids!

15. Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux - IBETCHU (Unsigned)

Webetchu loose your mind when this shit drops.
Working with Cesqeaux is all about watching this guys bloodpressure.

16. Yellow Claw - Nooit Meer Slapen Ft. Ronnie Flex, Mocro Maniac & Jebroer (Top Notch/Universal)

Big tune in Holland. Ronnie Flex, Jebroer and Mocro Maniac are the future of dutch rap.
Shout out to Boaz v/d Beatz.

17. Mightyfools & Yellow Claw - The Mighty Claw (Bootleg)

We ate french fries with mayonaise and made this track.
A part of the Mightyfools fanbase thought we had drugged them into this collab and begged the gods to never work with us again hahaha... But they are truly one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

18. Yellow Claw & The Opposites - Thunder (Top Notch/Universal)

Our last dutch single. Inspired on the legendary Thunderdome partys when we were kids. You should learn dutch and buy all albums by The Opposites on Itunes. Check out the video right herel

19. Coone - Monstah (Bootleg)

Coone. Hero. Please reply one of our 4000 mails in which we try to put up a collab with you.

20. Yellow Claw & Looney Tunez - Last Night Ever (Demo)

This is a very raw demo of a track we did with the kickmasters from Vlaardingen; Loony Tunez.
These guys are amazing and coming from a completely opposite musical background as us they are truly inspiring to work with.

21. Yellow Claw - W.O.L.F. (Looney Tunez Remix) (Unsigned)

Sometimes a remix just crushes your own original.
Best thing to do then is just take it as men and spin it.

22. Yellow Claw - Krokobil (Alvaro & Naffz Remix) (Sony NL)

Alvaro and Naffz really gave our 2012 dutch summer anthem a nice spin.
Asses have been shaked on this. Brown, white, yellow, Puerto Rican and Hatian.

23. The Wizard Ft. Nyanda & Chedda - Like A Pro (Yellow Claw Remix)

Great track to remix and a good way to meat new friends out in the MIA and Jamaica.
Definitely more stuff coming out with this group of people.

24. Dirtcaps & Naffz - Major Ft. Feral is Kinky (Demo)

Big Tune! MoombaDon Naffz and EDM Glowstick specialists Dirty Caps. Watch these guys!

25. Yellow Claw & Looney Tunez - Come And Get Me (Demo)

Once finished, this track will join our track Last Night Ever on a Yellow Claw & Loony Tunez EP.

26. Diplo Ft. Nicky B - Express Yourself (Yellow Claw Remix) (Unsigned)

Very old. First time Diplo actually gave into us stalking him for parts.
Probably just to shut us up.

27. Yellow Claw - Holy Pagwa (Demo)

Very raw demo we made after playing at the crazy Holy Pagwa festival in Suriname, South America.
Suriname we love you and want to come back and eat all the chicken in your country.

28. Munchi - La Brasilena Ta Montao Ft. Angel Doze (Original Mix) (Mad Decent)

Munchi, Legend, God had to be in this mix.

29. Tropkillaz - Boa Noite (Unsigned)

On their way to Russia these Brazillian guys met up in our studio and left us this track.
Be on the watch out for some Tropkillaz & Yellow Claw stuff coming at you soon.

30. Major Lazer - Get Free (Yellow Claw Get Free Money Remix) (Mad Decent)

A take on a track that basicly couldn't be improved.

31. Michel Telo - Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Yellow Claw & Yung Felix Bootleg)

This just happened and when it happened we laughed and let it happen.

32. Yellow Claw & SirOJ Ft. Chedda - When We A Party (Demo)

Young Chedda is slowly putting Jamaica in a lockdown. Sir OJ is doing the same with Amsterdam.
This track will be on the Shotgun EP with as you might gues; Shotgun.

33. Yellow Claw - 21 Bad Bitches (Nymfo Remix) (Unsigned)

Fucking Nymfo blessed us with this oldskool Drum 'n Base remix.
More Nymfo and Yellow Claw shit is coming at ya really soon.