The Bangerz is one of those interesting crews that you might not know by their stage name, but you've definitely heard of them. A six-man crew comprised of Goldenchyld, Replay, Nick Ngo, Cutso, Squareweezy, and G-Wrex, they have a stacked number of credits: working with Diplo, Kelis, and Chris Brown. Performing with Afrika Bambaataa, the Clipse, and Ghostface Killah. Touring with Z-Trip, and performing alongside Major Lazer and Odd Future. However, The Bangerz' most recognizable work as a crew has been producing the music for the Jabbawockeez, a dance crew that won MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew competition, earning them two shows in Vegas (so far). The Bangerz produced everything the Jabbawockeez danced to on the show, as well as the music from both of their Vegas shows, which they turned into albums.

The second of these albums, PRiSM, is due to be released on June 25, and is 14 tracks worth of the collective EDM consciousness. You've got banging trap masterpieces right alongside the funkiest of house tunes, all crafted for some kind of dancefloor. Slow tempo or straight-to-your-face banging, this album definitely shows how multi-faceted The Bangerz' style is. Far from background music, this is get-your-ass-on-the-floor music. Stream the full album below (exclusively), and make sure you cop it when it drops.