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Remixes can go one of two ways: They can be fresh and exciting or they can foul up your favorite song. Reworking the music of legendary artists is risky business, and when it comes to the late great Bob Marley the phrase "Why mess with perfection?" is to be taken seriously. There's no reason to even bother unless you can truly make an old song new, bringing it to life for another audience with fresh voices in the mix.

The new album Legend: Remixed reinterprets 15 Bob classics for the electronic dance music era. This bold new version of the most popular reggae album ever includes new mixes from Stephen and Ziggy Marley and such producers as Jason Bentley, Thievery Corporation, and Roni Size. Although Bob Marley might not have specialized in making "club bangers," his songs stand up well to beats heavy enough to keep the dance floor packed with raving ravers.

With Legend: Remixed dropping this week, the time seemed right to round up our favorite Bob remixes over the years. Though they represent many different genres the best of them have one thing in common: they all take something and flip it in unexpected ways without losing the integrity of the original. So here they are, from house to hip-hop to ambient to good old Jamaican dub, the toughest remixes of the Tuff Gong.

Written by Reshma B (@ReshmaB_RGAT)

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