For those who may not know King L prepare to gain some insight on the Chicago rapper and how he took his talents to Paris to collaborate with Kanye West on his latest offering "Yeezus". In a recent interview with XXL King L reflects on his experience working with Ye in Paris. 

We pulled some of the best excerpts from his interview, including the fact that Ma$e and Future were in the studio, too.

Read them below:

“From seeing him on TV and shit, they’ll make you think he’s just a monster, arrogant motherfucker. But when I met him, he makes you feel like you guys are cool."
"I was in the studio the whole time. I didn’t go to sight see and shit. I was sight seeing when I was in the studio and I saw Kanye. That was sight seeing for me. Fuck all the other shit. That was enough for me."
"Ma$e was there, I was out there writing with him. Future was there. All of these people who I’ve seen on TV, and now I’m in the studio working with these people. It gives you a whole new look on life."
"I didn’t know ‘Send It Up’ would make the album, but that’s the one he was like, super rocking with. It was crazy to me. The energy on that one was just raw, I was just talking the shit. And that was the one that got him."
"Working on this, it was good for my craft and for me. It made me work harder and believe in myself. Now I believe in myself way more. I just went there to work, and what was chosen out of my work is what you hear on the album. All the other stuff, it’s just something to think about. Think about all the great shit I said that you’ll never know. [Laughs] That’s the greatness of it. You’ll never hear the greatness that wasn’t chosen.”

 Hop on over to XXL online to peep the full interview.

[via XXL]

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