Ever since shining on "A Star is Born" and becoming the first artist signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation, J. Cole's blossoming career has become synonymous with the Brooklyn rapper. 

The love for his big brother wasn't always existent, though, as he recently explained to MTV's Sway Calloway. Referencing a line he spit on a track from his new album, Born Sinner (“Pac had a nigga saying fuck Jigga, fuck Biggie/I was only like eleven so forgive me"), J. Cole said his adolescent vitriol for Hov stemmed from his loyalty to 2Pac

“I used to get in arguments in school all the time. There was this other kid, he was a [Notorious B.I.G.] fan,” said Cole. “The 2Pac fan in me was just riding. I’m 11, so I’m riding against everybody.”

“I didn’t even know who Jay-Z was really," he continued. "I just knew that when Makaveli came out, in these interviews, Pac was dissing Jay-Z. So it’s like, I’m doing the same thing. Jay-Z, he wack. [If] my man Pac said he wack, then he wack.”

J. Cole also mentioned Jay-Z heard the fateful lines on "Villuminati," to which Hov replied, "Yo, it's brilliant." Watch the full interview above.

Born Sinner is in stores now.

[via MTV]

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