Last night in New York City, while Born Sinner listening sessions were happening all over North America, J. Cole took the stage at the SVA Theater to introduce the album. He didn't say much about the album itself but did want to explain one of the record's highlights, "Let Nas Down."

Although his story is interesting, it's not really the story of how he disappointed Nas but basically the entire story of Cole's career after signing to Roc Nation. He talks about going through song after song (like "Who Dat" and "Higher") that he felt would be the ideal single but for various reasons never worked out. He also talks about the pressure of trying to hurry up and drop a single to get his album released.

The frustrating part of this whole clip (as well as part two below) is that he uses the phrase "long story short" several times during a 15 minute monologue. Worse yet, the actual song is one of the most clear-cut story telling records Cole has ever dropped. So really, the song required no explanation.

By the way, we can't help but point out how the story revolves around making a song to impress Jay-Z but ultimately ends with disappointing Nas

When Nas' reps were asked for a comment about the song their response was, "No comment."

Born Sinner drops June 18.

[via MissInfo]

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