Album: N/A
: Jive/RCA
Producer: Skeff Anselm, A Tribe Called Quest

"Show Business," with its infinitely quotable wisdom about shadyyyyyyy record company people, is a classic A Tribe Called Quest song. But the grievances that inspired it are largely unknown—and actually make Jive Records look like the good guy. Tribe got mad when "Georgie Porgie," an ugly, pointless, homophobic rant, was rejected by the label; and, as a vengeful in-joke, recorded "Show Business" over the same beat. Twenty years later, "The Infamous Date Rape" is enough to clank a sour note on the otherwise virtually perfect The Low End Theory. Having an even more offensive song on the album really could have shaken Tribe's status as conscious rap's greatest, most open-hearted, highest-minded group. Coincidentally, the song was recorded around the same time as MC Lyte's classic "Poor Georgie," which was released just a week after The Low End Theory.