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We already showed you 10 amazing covers of Daft Punk, but just two days ago Beats Antique unleashed their own version. Remixing Charles Butler's banjo cover of "Get Lucky," Beats Antique delivers a mellow bluegrass-infused downtempo remix of the instant classic.  There really isn't much to say about this track except that's is just so enjoyable.  It's the kind of track you can just put on repeat and lose your self in and sway in the wind.  No twerking here, people.

Writing on their Bandcamp, Beats Antique said:

"This remix / cover came about because an old school friend of David Satori by the name of Charles Butler decided to post a video of himself playing a little diddy called "Get Lucky' from the badass french duo known as DAFT PUNK! This video inspired Beats Antique to feat. Charles in a collaboration and here you go! Charles is the reason David from Beats Antique plays Banjo so its been a pleasure collaborating with this fine young gentleman once again. Hope you enjoy and check out Charles's original cover and his music here ! ROCK ON !"

Turn down to this on your Sunday.