Look, we can't help it; We can't abandon the androids. It's part of the makeup of this very site! Daft Punk is not only one of the most captivating dance music groups ever, but their rise has been integral in the love for dance music that mainstream America has had over the last few decades. A number of the producers of today might not be around if it weren't for Daft Punk, including Skrillex.

Out this week is their fourth album, Random Access Memories, which if you follow DAD even a little bit, has been a huge topic of discussion for the last few months. Their style has flipped, eschewing samples and a more house vibe for out-and-out disco music, with an homage to Giorgio Moroder and the overall sound of electronic music in the 1970s. And just like we dedicated an entire week to the life of Goldie, we'll be doing the same for our favorite androids, Daft Punk. We'll be examining their storied catalog from a number of different angles, hoping that you reflect while you reintroduce yourselves to the androids' chamber.

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