On a recent edition of the "Hot Topics" segment on her talk show, Wendy Williams spoke about Holly Madison's fiancee, Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella. Apparently, Rotella's recent court appearance for the EDC/LA Coliseum scandal from March of 2012 occurred a few days after Madison announced their August wedding. Now Rotella does face something like 13 years if convicted, but the way Wendy described it (this portion starts around 6:26), you'd think Holly just found out about this situation. Wendy then goes on to describe the "rave parties" - do you hear the gasps after she just SAYS "rave parties?" And the "loop-dy doop-dy" drugs? She sounds like she's already convicted Pasquale for a case that she seemingly just heard about. And while the EDM scene doesn't put any stock in Wendy and her views, you'd think she didn't just have Armin Van Buuren on her show - maybe she forgot the ASOT Invasion at last year's EDC Los Angeles in the LA Coliseum.

Rotella probably said it best: