News broke earlier this month that the legendary comedy-rap duo of Baby and Mannie Fresh, also known as The Big Tymers, were reuniting. Fans of deep cuts like "Snake" and "No No" rejoiced.

Wait, what? They're not reuniting? Fuck.

Apparently, Baby, Lil Wayne, and Drake have united to steal the name of one of rap music's last bastions of ignorant comedy-rap classicism. If you've ever rhymed "Rolex" with "mo' sex" in the shower, you know that attempting to incorporate Drake into this lineup is, at the very least, sacrilegious. 

At least Lil Wayne was on the Big Tymers' albums.

But being a Big Tymer isn't like throwing on Dada. It's so much bigger than that. Real big.

OK, so maybe the sanctity of the group that once put "diamonds on hoes' feet/When they walk, they spark" isn't as big a deal as we think it is. Things could be worse. How much worse? 

We did some research and, well...Here are 5 Lineups Even More Blasphemous Than Drake, Lil Wayne, and Baby as The Big Tymers.

Images by Danny Scanzoni (@thequoteyquotes) and Simon Jones.

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