Wu-Tang Clan, The W (2000)

Ghostface Killah:The W was real dark to me. Out of all the Wu-Tang albums, I like the first one, and the second one. When The W came into play, and the other ones, I felt they were just thrown together fast. Everyone got their money, and it was just like, ‘Whatever, whatever, whatever.’ The W was a real dark album. It wasn’t like, life. The beats were cool. It wasn’t that they were wack. They just weren’t colorful.

“I liked ‘Jah World,’ that slow one. I would take that [as my favorite], as far as one with me on it. It was kind of different. But the track that really stood out to me, that I thought was the best on it, was the one with Nas on it, ‘Let My Niggas Live.’ I liked how him and Rae were tackling that shit.”

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