Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge, 12 Reasons To Die (2013)

Ghostface Killah: “Adrian gave me the hit list, like, ‘For this track, I want you to talk about this. For this track, I want you to talk about this.’ I didn’t have that much time to really brainstorm how I usually do. Sometimes, it might take me a couple of days to fuck around and write a rhyme. It might take me two weeks to finish it, ‘cause I can’t catch it. I’m too hard on myself. It might have been right, but I second guess a lot of shit. So I did what I felt worked using the time I had. And it came out decent. He was like, ‘I like this shit.’

“I like ‘I Declare War.’ And I like track two, ‘Rise of the Black Suits.’ But some of the others got their days. Like the one where I’m rhyming about the girl with Cappadonna, ‘The Center of Attention.’ I like that beat.


A lot of these rappers that [people] look up to, I’ll dart ‘em out. Early. And get the belt back overnight.


“But as far as with the band, and how we perform this shit on stage, It’s like an opera. It’s dramatic, with the music coming in here, and the sound effects. That’s what I always wanted to do anyway. And now that I’m performing with the live band, I know where to go now. I know what to do in the future.

“When I do Supreme Clientele 2, I gotta make a movie out of it when I come on stage. On certain shows, niggas want you to go raw and perform with just a DJ and the instrumentals. But for the main shit, I gotta rock with the band and make the shit a movie.

“I still ain’t back. I ain’t never go nowhere, but I’m not back to where I’m comfortable and in there like that. A lot of these rappers that niggas look up to, I’ll dart ‘em out. Early. And get the belt back overnight. When you’re not getting that play on radio, and you’re not around, they forget. Until they be like, ‘That was that nigga that brought the eagles out and the robes and the Wallabees and all that other shit.’ Watch what happens in the next couple weeks. It’s on.”

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