As you should already know, Skream's officially played his last dubstep show for the time being. To some, it might seem like an abrupt decision, but for those of us who have been paying attention, we've seen the writing on the wall for a while. No matter what circumstances brought about Skream's shift in sound, he's been consciously moving from the dubstep/140BPM/bass music sound to different tempos, namely house and (recently) disco. Along with Benga, Skream is the host of BBC Radio 1's Dubstep Show, and they even have a special "130 at 11:30" segment, where they play a firing track in the 130BPM range. This isn't new.

At DAD, however, we have to mark these occasions. Like many dubstep heads who've been around since the "Dubstep Warz," Skream was one of the figures that got us into the dubstep sound in the first place. Over the last eight years (!), he's left a trail of destroyed bassbins, punishing any soundsystem that stepped up, trying to contain his low-end. We wanted to look back at the essential dubstep tracks in Skream's catalog, not as a swan song or lamenting for the past, but just to remember that, hell, some producers get tired and need to explore other genres, especially when they've helped nurture and progress something as huge as dubstep now is.