The androids known as Daft Punk have brought excitement to the dance music scene since the mid-1990s. Their style is steeped in homage and dedication to their influences, but has also been about putting their own spin on whatever they're doing. If you look at their growth from Homework to Random Access Memories, they have gone from the Chicago house-loving funksters to a West Coast-loving pair of robots that just want to kick back and listen to some Moroder.

Since 1994, these two have breathed life into the dance music scene, and today, when we're battling between EDM being a "craze" and trying to keep things grounded, it's almost telling that the androids have done a total 180, shifting from sampling the best and using those sounds to find their way to going for an almost total live experience, and crafting their own sample material. It's awe inspiring, and for those of you who've not followed the duo's work, use this as a perfect guide through their career.