America, the day is finally here: Random Access Memories is now available in stores. Now that that's out of the way, the next question is the topic of singles. While Le Journal de Quebec claimed to know which singles were coming out next, they were wrong on one factor: Daft Punk is reportedly not putting out a remix album. They did, however, tell Mixmag that they are releasing a "Get Lucky" remix at the end of June, and encourage fans to sample music from Random Access Memories:

Right now, the first track we’re remixing is “Get Lucky.” That will be out at the end of June. It’s one step at a time, so we don’t have plans to do a whole remix album at the moment. Nowadays it’s really easy for people to take loops from the album and remix it themselves and we really encourage people to do that. In the past we took loops of disco records, put drum tracks on them and it wasn’t something people were able to do at home so easily. But today, there’s the ability for everyone to do this in their bedrooms. When the first 15-second snippet of “Get Lucky” game out on Saturday Night Live and people were making remixes out of it, it was very exciting. Now that the creative means is so open to people, we have to try and make music that people don’t have the means to do in their bedrooms to offer a show and spectacle.

You can check out the full feature via Mixmag Global, or read the scans over on The Daft Club.