Borgore continues to make me smirk. Quickly moving from making palatable dubstep with his own witty lyricism to back it, he has been navigating different electronic sounds like a pro. And "Sonata In F Major" is nothing like I would expect. This one is just wonky. Odd synths. Crazy sequencing. Slightly muddy drums that feel more organic than your average electronic record. This is one that I want to see spun out to a live crowd. The reaction would be amazing to watch.

Borgore has an EP slotted for release on his own Buygore records next month that this track will land on, and a full album scheduled to drop this fall. We can tell that he's been furiously working on a stack of new music. With a tour schedule that doesn't have a real breather until July, it'll be interesting to see how these releases shape up.

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