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Coke Boys 2 was the moment when Harry Fraud emerged as one of the most distinctive producers in hip-hop, helping to completely divorce French's sound from influences like Luger and Max B alike. For Harry Fraud fans, this is the ultimate French Montana record. It's not his most well-balanced, but it definitely features Fraud's most unusual sample sources, heavy on rock guitars and textures. Essentially, this is Harry Fraud in all his glory.

With the exception of an ill-considered Soulja Boy collab, and give or take a cover of Nonchalant's "5 O'Clock" or Smif-N-Wessun, Fraud's '70s-'80s guitars, harmonicas and synthesizers dominate. It's a little one-note as a result—not as dynamic as the first Coke Boys tape, and if you aren't ready to hear French sound like the fifth member of CSNY it might not be up your alley. It's hard to say, however, that this isn't one of the more distinctive Montana records.