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One of the biggest gripes ravers have is their love for dance music being mocked or hated on by their parental units. You would think that parents who grew up in the '60s and '70s would understand counterculture movements, focused on music that's diverging from the "norm," but classic rock's been accepted while EDM is still seen as "weird" and "noise."

There's an odd thing with mothers; clubs usually cater to women, and you're bound to find more women on the floor dancing than you will guys. Yet you still have mothers who are telling their kids to "turn that shit down." As you'll see here, that's not the majority of mothers (TYEG). Some have grown up in the dance music scene, and knew of these DJs before they were even thinking about kids. On this Mother's Day, DAD wanted to shine a light on the moms who both love to enjoy EDM and those who can't stand the sound. We love all of you the same, and hope you can at least drink a little wine, turn on "Don't You Worry Child," and dance the night away.