Dillinja is one of the greatest producers to ever hit the drum & bass scene. He's a scientist when it comes to manipulating bass, going as far as to creating his own sound system to house the immense tones that he was crafting in his studio. Dillinja inspired many producers with his early output, with tracks like "The Angels Fell" and "Amoured D" being seen as staples within the emerging dnb scene at the time. Something happened around the late 1990s, though: Listeners started to pull away from Dillinja's sound.

It could be a number of factors: Dillinja definitely strayed from the style of "The Angels Fell," primarily due to his experimentation with deeper bass, and the changes in tempo of drum & bass at the time. He also crafted a number of dancefloor smashers that left a lot of purists confused and/or upset with the progression of his music, including tracks like "Twist 'Em Out" and "Fast Car." The problem was, Dillinja was still creating some sick tracks - junglists would immediately discredit them, many times without listening.

DAD's feels like we understood where Dillinja was going, and loved hearing him express himself via his tracks. These 25 tracks are a mixture of bangers that you should have heard, but didn't give proper recognition to. From originals as Dillinja (or under his guises Capone or Trinity) to a few remixes, these tracks help paint a better picture of Dillinja's progression as a producer. Oddly enough, they span from 2001 to 2010. His output has slowed down immensely, and we're still waiting for his next album, but for now, let's look back and really see Dillinja for the drum & bass auteur that he is.