Twitter: @dustinprestige

Pros: He might've accidentally invented a subgenre of rap (most aptly described as "Plaid Rap," were we to guess).

Cons: He doesn't have the backing of anyone terribly important yet.

Essential Listening: Plaid

Dustin-Prestige is a "rapper," but it hardly ever feels accurate to describe him solely as that. On Plaid, his most recent tape (among the best underground releases of 2012), he plays the role of rapper, shoegaze indie rocker, pop star and, somehow, reggae singer.

While that sort of one man variety show generally alludes to an artist that hasn't yet found what he's best at, Prestige seems to traverse different genres with a natural ease, confidence, and ability. His flow is an unfettered stream of cool, regardless of what he decides to do, and he wields it without care for boundaries.