One of the things that stands out before even listening to Indicud is its features: Kendrick Lamar, RZA, Haim, to name a few. But near the end of the album we get a nine-minute epic featuring Michael Bolton (this guy). His guest spot wasn't just for the sake of being different, though. Kid Cudi explained in an interview that he was a huge fan of the singer and grew up listening to him.

After hearing Bolton's collaboration with The Lonely Island, Cudi wanted to use the "mightiness" of his voice (great adjective). So Cudi reached out to Bolton, and after three hours in the studio, we got "Afterwards (Bring Yo Friends)" and a happy Cudi:

"I learned a lot from being in the session with him and that's what it's about. That's were the real excitement comes when you're doing music. It's when you do these features and you admire these people and you meet 'em they're everything you imagine him to be."

Cudi also said he found an uncle in Bolton. Aww.

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