Album: Hard Core

Lil Kim formally introduced herself to the world on October 29, 1996 with "No Time," the first single off of her debut album Hard Core. The track, featuring P. Diddy, shot to the top of the charts where it peaked on the US Rap Songs charts at No. 1 for nine weeks. "No Time" features Diddy on the hook, singing about sipping Cristal and spreading love, while Kim's introduction was a precursor to the perfected raunchy lyrics that she weaved throughout nearly every single one of her tracks. Between her repping the crew and simultaneously bragging about her sex life on lines like "Huh can't fade the rhinoceros of rap (say what?)/Lil Kim pussy how preposterous is that?", "No Time" landed her at the forefront of female MCs. The visuals that followed the release of the single were filmed in the Wolrd Trade Center with the two artists rapping while riding up and down elevators—a scene she would reference on two singles in the future. —Lauren Nostro

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