Above, N.O.R.E. takes some time to talk about his album Student of the Game, his studio relationship with Pharrell, and VH1's "Love & Hip-Hop" (he's a big fan).

When he and Pharrell are in the booth, they don't want to release anything new until they know it's on the level of their previous hits, "Superthug" and "Nothin'." In a Miami studio, once Pharrell finally had the beat he wanted for N.O.R.E., he called dude over immediately, kindly put the Ca$h Out session on hold, then proceeded to give very intense high fives until the track was completed.

At the end of the interview, N.O.R.E. reveals an unexpected friendship he has developed with none other than socialite Scott Disick (he's on the album). When asked if he would ever get involved with reality television, N.O.R.E. says that participating in it would not be good for him. However, if someone could get both him and Scott together in a show, magic would most certainly happen.

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