Jay-Z recorded "Open Letter" partly as a response to all of the scrutiny he was under for visiting Cuba with Beyonce. So who better to rock over the instrumental and respond to all of the controversy than Pitbull, who happens to be Cuban himself?

Pitbull mixes both English and Spanish in the song, and even decides to base a rhyme scheme around the word "treasury" at one point, illustrating to press secretary Jay Carney that rhyming with the word "treasury" is possible. One of the points he makes is that the controversy surrounding Hov's visit to Cuba would have been portrayed differently if "Mr. Carter was white."

Ultimately, Pitbull, who has always been a staunch opponent of Cuba's communist regime, is advocating for the American spirit of freedom on this track. The bars he delivers feel sincere.

Listen: Pitbull "Open Letter" Freestyle

[via HipHop-N-More]

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